Fire prevention training is conducted onsite every quarter and it is recommended that all tenants attend after commencing employment in the building. Annual evacuation drills are also conducted and it is a requirement for all tenants to participate in this valuable exercise. Our current primary muster point
  Evac  is located at Florence Hummerston Reserve on Mount Street, our secondary muster point is the cul-de-sac of Mount Street.
The buildings are protected with Ampac fire protection system and each floor is protected with fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. All floors are equipped with fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, and phones connected directly to the EWIS panels. Fire hose reels and warden phones are located on the north east side of each floor (within the kitchenette areas on most floors) in the 221 St Georges Terrace building and at the entrance to south side stairwell on each floor of the 219 St Georges Terrace building.
Sprinkler System
219 and 221 St Georges Terrace are fire sprinkler protected throughout, in accordance with the relevant codes and standards.
Hydrant & Hose Reels

Supply water is contained in the roof top tanks and pressurised via relay and pressure pumps to independent hydrant and hose reel outlets on each floor. Additional outlets are located around the complex. Booster connections for the hydrants and hose reels are located at street level along with booster connections to the roof top tanks. A secondary relay pump is located on level 21 of 221 St Georges Terrace.
Fire panels

Each building is equipped with its own independent fire panel controlling smoke, thermal, flow and pressure devices. Each level has detectors on supply, return and exhaust air as well as monitoring the water flow to the floor sprinkler system.
EWIS panels

Both the 219 and 221 St Georges Terrace buildings are equipped with their own independent multi zoned EWIS (Emergency Warning Intercom System) panel that is directly linked to the fire panel. Activation of alarms on the fire panel will automatically set the EWIS panel into alarm mode advising all zones of a potential emergency situation.
Stairwell Pressurisation Fans and Fire Doors

All stairwells are pressurised by independent fans upon activation of an alarm on the fire panel. The stairwells are fire rated as are all door sets and frames leading into the stairwell.

Tenants are required to ensure that their warden list is kept up-to-date at all times. Tenants with Tenant Administrator access will be able to add/edit wardens.