ࡱ> OQNy bjbj Z{{$,"66666$~No"669,F 666ЭGL"r< :  FORREST CENTRE LIFT DESTINATION CONTROL SYSTEM FAQs Question: How do you prevent over-crowding at the readers? There will be 2 readers located on each floor. To accommodate the peak time traffic in the building foyers, there will be 9 readers located in the ground floor foyer of 221 St Georges Terrace, and 3 readers in the 219 St Georges Terrace foyer. The system is designed so that tenants have the option of either using the touch screen function or badging their access card against the reader. The system only takes 3/10th of a second to allocate a lift. The system automatically calculates the distance it will take you to walk to your designated lift, so you may use any reader within the foyer. Question: How do you accommodate for the mobility impaired? The new PORT system makes allowances for the mobility impaired. Visitors to the building may select the mobility impaired option which will activate voice controls, make allowances for travel time and keep lift doors open for longer. For tenants, programming of the access card is tailored to the individual so allowances can be made staff with disabilities.. Tenants are advised to inform Building Management of such staff requirements. Question: Can a person badge the reader for multiple tenants travelling to the same floor? For a secure floor, unfortunately not. The system will recognize the person has already badged and automatically cancel the previous entries, recording only the final reading and only allocating one persons space within the lift car. Each tenant will have to badge with their own access card. Question: What happens when I am escorting visitors to a secure floor? The system has a Special Operation Mode (SOM) function that caters for visiting guests. To access this, after the reader is badged, press the SOM function icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Select the appropriate number of people and proceed to the indicated lift. Question: If I see someone going to the same floor as me who has already badged, can I follow them into the lift without badging my card? The controls system allocates each person a space within the lift car. Therefore each tenant will need to badge with their individual card to ensure they are allocated a space within the lift car. This prevents the lift doors from potentially closing in on them and overcrowding of the lift. Question: If Im in the lift and decide to go to a different floor from which I selected, how can I select an alternative floor? You will need to exit the lift at its next destination and re-badge. If the floor you require is not displayed, hold the access card in front of the reader longer to display the other floors. Question: Will we need a separate access card for the car park shuttle lift out of hours? Although the car park shuttle lift runs independently to the building lifts, the access control system is the same. This means that only one card will be required to access all the lifts. The access currently in place will be transferred onto this new card. Some tenancies have separate car parking access cards and therefore you will need to speak to your tenant representative. Question: During the transition phase, will there be any indication of the floors displayed in the car? The floor number indicators on the inside of the car will remain in place until the lift car interiors are upgraded. During the transition phase, floor numbers will light up individually as the lift progresses to the designated floor. So if someone is going to level 13 and another to level 15, only the 13 will be displayed. Once that person exits, then 15 will be displayed. After the lift car interiors are upgraded, new indicators will display all floors the lift is going to and LCD screens will be installed inside the lift cars indicating the next floor and company name(s) the lift will be stopping at. Question: Will Tenants be trained on how to use the new PORT system? Schindler will be onsite to provide briefing sessions the day prior to launch date. Once the launch date is confirmed, notification of the briefing session times will be sent to the Tenant Representatives. It is highly recommended for all staff to attend the briefing sessions. Schindler staff will also be onsite during the launch period to assist and ensure staff are well trained on using the system. Schindler representatives will be located throughout the ground floor foyers in both the 219 and 221 buildings during the launch week to assist in use of the new system. Signage will also be in place to further assist with the transition period. Question: If Im not yet in the lift and decide to go to a different floor from which I selected, how can I select an alternative floor? You will need to re-badge. If going to a secure floor, the system will automatically cancel your original call. 0126789CFGVrst 3 N a   . / 1 6 ȸ~zzv~z~znzjvh4#h]wh) bH*hBhQ &huh) b hQ &5h#} h) b5 h#} 5h) bh) b5CJOJQJaJhw2h(5CJ OJQJaJ hw2hQ5CJ OJQJaJ h#"5CJ OJQJaJ h#"h(5CJ aJ h#"h&5CJ aJ hG5jhUmHnHu'12789t   C2W $a$gdB$a$gd#} $ a$gd#} $a$gd#"$a$gd) b     E n u   i u z { !(6=C  02鴯hhw2h#} h 5h#} h5 hB5h#} hB5hQ &h4# h#} h) b h/75 h4#5hpph#} hBh/7h *h) b hQ &5h#} h) b5 h 5;%7<UVWXYZ  uvw )<F»²̘|hGh/7 h#} h  h#"5h#} huh#} h 5 h/75 hu5h#} h5 hQ &5hw2 hQ &hQ & h#} 5 hB5h#} h) b5h#"HhhQ &h= h#} h#} h!7h!7h!7h) bh0WXYZvwIJ$a$gd#} $a$gd#"$a$gd) b$a$gdQ & $a$gdw2 $a$gd#} $a$FVrt?@_ *9<@DGHIJY} 12\^_`x|%ǻû÷hBhQh4Vh.Vh#} h18 hG5h#} h&;5h#} h185 h#} 5 h h) bhuh/7hGhQ &h) bE%>?Akq0:Ycih18h#" hQ &h#"h#} h#"5 h#"5h#"h#"5hQ &hGhQh4VhBh)921h:pG/ =!"#$% 9 01h:pG/ =!"#$% P F 0\Fׁ+ k&JFIFC     C  d" }!1AQa"q2#BR$3br %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz w!1AQaq"2B #3Rbr $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ?UKkW#$/$0UU$z;L栮G_xWs)j~!~_R/"֣K$I-OΞl1H>V[4?,| _?>;h)|S⎻;WnUPxY]~w˫:4#$i/SWos]o,ĶǟP~_u†*ޓ#VSs埊XI}?߰FjTPUo_c/XWσ=N;]>]帚F ňz`A^=e3D<$R^%cq8RtiS(̒;p@'' ~"RVgM_SҰENgoIӦ{ߥg UKQAW(Xw>'";}/ӧ<]_PU;Nm;ҹ"V[?*rJ*A }N=!-?zkɴZ][\&I0x!Ajd`W5&Hk?v '_ υ.4JL߻'ѕozm1K HR[{ ~%D|<늫:N #cƿRTt xZ:O7L bo+O5/:(YOS^Nf}=\yCl%tُ/Ş:xWϋ{1--Q $?2 ă8orԦ/$p{h>_~^'?4WMè1o ꮥgh pUY\E>.NjAl]QFQN6ӋQ[!{~Š*y%Gao(dz CO>W?x (??߰ U1yAK}~tψAnӶj(H TϽzZFM~ ̏}yGrVJ3]Qwj&IO8+ %|5kZds0W2YymϨ]̱-$TdfG~~6Ӭ!}W7!Ɇ+ _E" sx^ 5rܲ4i;Jj@;hhm__ lj/.6~܋x̳:;ej~_t3"naύ>6x?F/mo'!Q"k_(1&#IFq_x' ;`5pb߫^"I?'5~οnď'0\Ӛ>mOj'K%1f`'=kI"?CͭΚ<QӋMjF/0uqslڿ~#ȉ2E&сG='CAGxK׉_FپV;ewN~5Ì>4x'v| umnaX|;jOP<2oUu 7 N*wk.g}J]x_|sgx =]xs% M,ؠ) b2kWC.~##5w_Լ]O`L9#F̣sJ2fX. 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